Etiwan Masonic Lodge No. 95  - 438 Whilden St., Mount Pleasant, SC. 29464

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest Fraternity.  Its history and tradition date to antiquity.  Its singular purpose is to make good men better.

Please remember that Lodge dues are $122 for 2023

*Word to the wise
Since dues notices are starting to go out, a gentle reminder is in order. The Blue Lodge is the foundation upon which all of Masonry rests. If you go NPD in your Blue Lodge, you are automatically suspended NPD in the York & Scottish Rite, as well as any other bodies branching from them.

If you have not paid, please mail your payment in as soon as possible
Our Mailing Address is:
Etiwan Lodge No. 95 AFM
P.O. Box 2
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

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