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04 October 2017


As Autumn is now upon us, we are entering the twilight of this year. This is also the time of year for submitting our dues for the ensuing year. At this time unfortunately, we still have a significant number of Brothers who have not paid their 2017 dues. Understand that timely payment of dues by the beginning of the year helps to ensure that the Lodge meets its many anticipated obligations as well as to be positioned to attend to those untimely issues that may arise without warning during the course of the year.

In addition, delays in paying your dues prohibits you from visiting not only your home Lodge, but other Lodges within our Grand jurisdiction and beyond. Finally, per our Grand Lodge constitution, members who remain in arrears for 2017 after 31 October of this year will automatically be dropped from the role for non payment.

Our Grand Lodge has made it a point this year to charge all Lodges with ensuring that attending members and visitors produce a current dues card prior to admission.

If you have been delayed in paying your dues, take a moment and do so accordingly (along with your current dues), so that you may continue to support your Lodge and also reap the benefits of membership in this fine fraternity.

For those members in good standing, notification of 2018 will be forthcoming, but it is not necessary to wait until you receive notice to pay your dues.

As a reminder, our mailing address is:

Etiwan Lodge No. 95
P. O. Box 2
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

If I can be of assistance at any time, do not hesitate to contact me at our Lodge email address ( or directly by phone at 843-814-1247.

I wish you all safe travels,

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Robert H. Heck, Jr. PM, 32°
Etiwan Lodge No. 95 AFM
Mt. Pleasant, SC

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