Etiwan Masonic Lodge No. 95  - 438 Whilden St., Mount Pleasant, SC. 29464

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest Fraternity.  Its history and tradition date to antiquity.  Its singular purpose is to make good men better.


Happy New Year to the Brethren of Etiwan Lodge #95 and their families'!

With the backing of the Brethren, it is with great honor and pride that I will now govern our Lodge from the East.

As of today, January 2, 2017, our Lodge has been chartered for 57,389 days. Our Country, community and the general public has changed immensely in that time. What has not substantially changed is the obligation which we take as Master Masons. This obligation is the standard that we as Masons should hold ourselves to in our day to day life and with our Brothers. It is my greatest desire that we keep this in mind over the next year and in doing so, we will harmoniously add 365 more days to our history and build stronger bonds with each other.

In 2016, we welcomed a number new Brothers to the fraternity, performed courtesy degree work and had several Brothers affiliate with Etiwan. We can continue to make and keep Etiwan a place where those seeking Masonic enlightenment are nourished. This can be accomplished by focusing on efficient and accurate ritual, ensuring proficiency of candidates, communicating with our Brethren and developing a Masonic education program.

1. Efficient and Accurate Ritual - Being timely and regular in our attendance and making sure that we educate our Brothers and future Officers is our best opportunity to grow ourselves internally.
2. Ensuring Proficiency of Candidates - It should be our collective effort to ensure that our candidates are being well coached. This will assist us in creating potential officers for the Lodge, but moreover, it helps give them the full knowledge of what we can impart in our symbolic Lodge.
3. Communicating with our Brethren - Being mindful that all of our Brethren cannot be with us regularly and may not be computer savvy, we will be re-implementing a quarterly mailed newsletter to provide insight into the happenings, actions and events of the Lodge.
4. Developing our Masonic Education Program - The history of Masonry and the impact that Masons have imparted is valuable. Sharing this information at our monthly business communications so that the Brethren might carry or share this knowledge with others will help to spread the virtues of Masonry.

Please join with me Brothers, and let us focus on maintaining the excellence that has made Etiwan what it is today and fostering the development of the Lodge by focusing on our principals over the next year.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Kyle Strahler, 32°
Worshipful Master

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