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Lowcountry Trestleboard
20 January 2021


Happy Hump Daaay!
Another weekly heads-up from the Semi-official Charleston Masonic Town Crier on what's coming up in The Lowcountry that I know about. Thank you for the help and encouraging words I've received from so many of you over the years, as well as everyone’s patience with my typos and downright stupidity.
"Everyone is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound." - Albert Pike, Preface to Morals and Dogma(Original Edition)

Currently in effect by Grand Master's Order 28Oct2020:
Phase One-B: Re-Opening of Subordinate Masonic Lodges And Appendant Masonic Organizations in the Grand Jurisdiction of South Carolina.
All heads and secretaries of the Masonic bodies in South Carolina should have received the documents describing the required protocols that must be complied with in order for the lodges/bodies to continue having Stated (business) Meetings. As a reminder, during Phase One-B, collations, degrees and visitation by non-members at meetings is still prohibited, however meetings are now to be no longer than 2 hours. There are other changes now in effect as well. For more info contact your DDGM, Worshipful Master, or Secretary who have the complete new requirements.
Remember, this is the second step toward getting back to normal, not forever. Please be patient and follow the protocols. Let's do it right the 1st time.


The Good News Is:
Vaccines are arriving in South Carolina this month, according to the state health department. South Carolina seniors aged 70 and older are eligible to make appointments to get the coronavirus vaccine. To make an appointment here is the link:

The Bad News Is:
We are setting new infection rate records almost daily nationwide! South Carolina shattered its records for daily coronavirus cases on Sunday, recording more than 4,000 new cases for the first time during the pandemic. Wear masks, social distance, wash your hands and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

If the ongoing pandemic was not enough of a threat to our gentle craft in and of itself, I am hearing increasingly troubling information about the conduct of our brethren reacting to the pressures of trying to keep Masonry aliive in this and other Jurisdictions across the globe during this crisis. I therefore implore all of my brethren, from youngest Entered Apprentices in the northeast corner to Grant Masters who Preside in the Grand East to pause and reflect on the obligations we all took in the presence of God with our hands on His word. This is not the time to emulate the Ephramites, but rather to invoke the wisdom of our first Most Excellent Grand Master, King Solomon. "The moving finger writes, then, having writ, moves on,
Nor all thy piety, nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”
Are we properly using our working tools? None but those who do are worthy to be called a Master Mason.

Slowly but surely we are getting back to meeting. Please be aware that, IAW current Grand Lodge guidelines, blue lodges in SC cannot open the lodge if less than seven (7) lodge members are present. Please make an effort to attend your monthly blue lodge meeting if you are healthy and able!

In Charleston, Solomon Lodge #1 , Mariner #2, Orange-CharlesTowne #14, Pythagorean #21, Fidelity #304, James Island #396, Fellowship #400, MacArthur #427, the York Rite and the Scottish Rite have all been back to meeting, all IAW Phase 1-B protocols. Also all 5th District Lodges have now reopened IAW Phase I-B protocols. I understand several other lodges in the Lowcountry and the rest of the state are also back to holding their meetings, all under Phase I-B protocols We can do this!

Charleston York Rite
"The Charleston York Rite next Regular Meeting will be 16Feb 2021. Due to Covid restrictions we will not have a collation, we will continue to practice social distancing, wear masks and wash our hands just like our mothers taught us hopefully. This is a great opportunity to pay your dues and turn in any petitions.
Our Grand Chapter, Grand Council and Grand Commandery Annual meetings scheduled for March 12th and 13th 2021 HAVE BEEN POSTPONED due to the high volume of Covid-19 cases we are currently experiencing and expected to experience during March.
We Are rescheduling to June 26, 2021 at the Columbia Scottish Rite. Details and the abbreviated agenda will be coming soon.

Charles Town York Rite College #113 cancelled their November and January meetings. All officers will remain in their current office. Stay tuned for further updates.

JW Frampton Jr Council #85 Knight Masons December meeting is cancelled. All officers will remain in their current office. Hopefully we will be able to start back having meetings when/if the Covid situation gets under control. Stay tuned.

The Charleston Scottish Rite has returned to regular meetings under Phase I protocols (no food or beverages at the meetings, safe distancing, screening procedures etc). The next Scheduled meeting is 27Jan2021.
Congratulations to MW & Ill. Br David Dechant on being named Charleston Valley Personal Representative Emeritus, RWB Steve Hiott as your new Valley Personal Representative and WB Phillip Reichner as your new Charleston Valley Treasurer. RW & Ill. Lloyd Christopher will continue to serve as Valley General Secretary. RW & Ill. Ronald Elvis and WB Tommy Moran are serving as Co-Directors of Work for the Valley
The 27January meeting will start at 6:30 PM (with the continued approval of Illustrious Brother Michael Smith PGM, Deputy Grand Commander and S.G.I.G in South Carolina).
Due to the COVID 19 Virus and CDC guidelines the following are required for each member attending the monthly meetings of our Scottish Rite. We ask all Brethren to abide by the following RULES:
Every Member will wear a face mask and latex gloves. Please bring these with you. (We will have a limited number on hand.)
Please bring a ball point pen to use when completing the health questionnaire required for entry. Forms will be provided at a table prior to your entering the building. We will be meeting in the dining room
We are also required to take your temperature and if your temperature is above 100.3° you will not be permitted to enter the building.
Hand Sanitizers will be located at the entry and exits of the dining room.
The Front Office, Auditorium, Museum, Library, Robing Room, Props Room, and the Kitchen WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE. DO NOT ENTER THESE AREAS as they will have to be completely sanitized if they are contaminated, causing us further expense.
If you feel that your health may be in question, please do not attend.

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."
I Thessalonians 5:11

Don't forget to wear your masks in public places (and Lodge meetings). I don't like them either, but it's the considerate thing to do for others (latest research seems to indicate that they protect the wearer more than originally thought) and if for no other reason, nobody wants to get gob-smacked with a $100-$500 fine. Besides, they are the latest fashion accessory! Several of our SC brethren have had, are currently being treated for, or have died from Covid 19, Do your part and wear a mask when out in public and attending lodge. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Grand Lodge is open on regular business days, but they are asking the Brethren to call, email or mail them if possible instead of coming to the Grand Lodge Office during the Corona virus restrictions.

Sickness & Distress:

Br Richard Tarpley of Summerville Lodge is at Summerville Medical Center. He has a couple of problems that seem to be ganging up on him. He is very groggy, and can not eat or drink. He has been, and is still undergoing a battery of tests to determine the cause of his symptome and a course of treatment.

WB Jim Schaefer.of Goose Creek #401 had Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery. The surgery went well, hes is home and expects about 12 weeks post op recovery.

Please keep in your devotions:

Br Richard Tarpley, Walt Spiller III, Jerry Carver, Alba & Jim Schaefer, Brenda (Mrs Martin "Poncho") Villa, Tommy Watson, Jerry Factura, Mitchell Bryan, Richard Hunt, Ray Minnis, Michelle (Mrs Joe) Guinta, John Hogg, Thomas Bingham, Tom Dale, Donnie Hollingsworth, Steven Boyette, James Palmer, Larry Acala, Tom McCauley, Cora (Mrs Orlando) Maningding, Shiela (Mrs Dick) Hughes, Ron Elvis, Dale Schuman, Charlie Smith, Guy Palmer, Dennis Drayton, Joe Terry, Lydia (Phil's mom) Reichner, Sue (Mrs Ron) Mitchum, Mark Swafford, John Johnson, Jacque (Mrs Andy) Albright, "Dick" Wesner, Bob Pinkston, Jerry Espiritu, Randy Potts & his Family, Jayson Rose, Ray Hall, Robert & Jerri Nix, Horace Williams, Roy Triplett, Ola Mae (Mrs Earl) Wilcox, Mike Taylor, Dale Usery, John Ditmore, Ron Traver, Charlie Edgeworth, Herb Goldberg, Billie (Mrs David) DeChant, Mary Anne (Mrs G Ray) Marsh, Frank Shealy, Billie Jean (Mrs Bobby) Faulkner, Ben Kirbin, Gene Nabors, Myrtle Johnson, Matthew Hogan, Eloise Wooden, Ronald "Jake" Jacoby, Micah Roane Auld, Carey & Carolyn Baxley, Jim Spence, Ricky Chubb, and Del Morga.
These brothers (and their ladies) have all been workers in the quarries of Masonry and deserve to be lifted up in prayer to the Grand Architect of the Universe by each of us. "The prayers of good men availeth much." These are who I am aware of at this time, if there are others the brethren need to be made aware of please email me and I will pass the word.

Br Lewis Bowen has 2 cemetery plots in the Masonic section of LIVE OAK MEMORIAL GARDENS .that he would like to sell. He is offering them at a price 50% below that currently being asked for similar plots by the cemetery. (Please bear in mind that sooner or later we all will be in need of one).
If interested contact him @ 843-766-1565

Masonic Trivia

Sacramento Chapter #3, Royal Arch Masons has supplied 4 governors of CA. (J. Neeley Johnson, Lantham, Pacheo, and Hiram Johnson)

Quote of the Week
"It is unnecessary to recapitulate the duties which, as a Mason, you are bound to discharge, or to enlarge on the necessity of a strict adherence to them, as your own experience must have established their value. Our laws and regulations you are strenuously to support and be always ready to assist in seeing them duly executed."
Ahiman Rezon page 131

FYI: I'm just listing what meetings are when in a generic form for now. When we can start visiting again I'll add dates & put them in date order again.
PLEASE REMEMBER as of 1Sept2020:
The Master of each Lodge decides whether or not the Lodge will meet. Members will be notified by the WM. If you feel sick of have a fever STAY HOME!
MEETINGS ARE FOR LODGE MEMBERS and DDGMs ONLY: Visitation by brothers of other lodges is prohibited for the time being.

Usual Monthly Scheduled Meetings:


- Solomon Lodge #1 (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly Stated Meeting.
Suit and tie preferred.
Gavel falls at 7:30.

- Harmony Lodge #61 (5355 E Jim Bilton Blvd, St. George) monthly Stated Meeting.
Gavel falls at 8:00.

- James Island Lodge No. 396 (1613 Ft Johnson Rd, James Island) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30 PM. No Colllation

- Goose Creek Lodge #401 (145 St James Ave, Goose Creek) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.


- Denmark Lodge #246 (308 S Palmetto Ave [Carolina Hwy/Hwy 321] Denmark, SC) Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

Inglesby Lodge #267 (44 Taylor St. Greeleyville, SC ) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00.

- Hammerton Lodge #332 (1085 E Montague, North Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

- Old Fort Lodge #420 (10935 Dorchester Rd, Summerville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

- Charleston Chapter #56 OES (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) Regular Business Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30pm.

- Orangeburg York Rite (1201 Five Chop Rd, Orangeburg, SC.) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30


– Landmark Lodge #76 Regular Stated Communication.
Coat, tie and white gloves required
6:30 PM at the Charleston Club

- The Low Country Past Masters Unit (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly meeting. *Prohibited for the time being.*
If your Lodge needs assistance putting on a degree, or the entire degree the PMU would be glad to help. Contact WB Tommy Moran (843-754-0538) and get the help you need.
Membership in the Past Masters Unit is open to ALL Blue Lodge PAST MASTERS.
Meeting starts at 7:00PM

- Lawrence Howell Court Order of Amaranth (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

- The Columbia Scottish Rite Bodies (7230 Garners Ferry Rd) Monthly Business Meeting.
The Steering Committee meet at 6:00 PM in the Library.
The KSA meet at 6:15PM
Business Meeting to follow.


- Harmony Lodge #17 (30 Burr Street Barnwell) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM

- Etiwan Lodge #95 (438 Whilden St,Mount Pleasant, SC) monthly Stated Meeting.
No Collation, Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

– Franklin Lodge #96 (145 St James Ave, Goose Creek) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

Harpers Lodge #225 (11 W. Main St, Andrews, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls 8:00PM

- Bethlehem Lodge # 338 (13819 Round O Rd, Round O) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30 PM

- Dorchester Lodge #369 (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30 PM.
No Collation

(1st) Friday

- St. James Lodge #275 (227 Scotia St, McClellanville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30 PM

- Loyalty Chapter #136 OES (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) Regular Business Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30 PM

(2nd) Monday

- Orange - CharlesTowne Lodge #14 (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:00pm
No collation..

St. Peters Lodge #54 (232 E Boyce Street, Manning, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8pm

- Mt Hope Lodge #128 (110 Brick Church Cl - St Stephens) monthly Stated Meeting.
Gavel falls at 8:00PM.

- Jacksonboro Lodge #206 (6085 Hwy 165, Ravenel) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM

- Fellowship Lodge #400 (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM

(2nd )Tuesday

- Pythagoran Lodge #21 (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM

- Ornan Lodge #38 (50 Ornan Street Bamberg) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

- Unity Lodge #55 (35 Trevor Dr, Walterboro) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30pm

- Hope Lodge #126 (13088 West Main Street Williston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM.

- Summerville Lodge #234 (111 N Main St, Summerville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM.

- Fidelity Lodge #304 (2827 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

- Carolina Lodge #375 (5929 Murray Drive) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30pm

- Orangeburg York Rite (1201 Five Chop Rd, Orangeburg, SC.) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30

(2nd )Wednesday

- The Masters & Wardens Club of the 1st and 2nd Masonic Districts monthly meeting sponsored by TBA.
NOTICE! ALL 3° Master Masons are invited and encouraged to attend!!!!
All are reminded that the meeting must end by 9pm by the club’s by-laws.

(2nd )Thursday

- Mariner Lodge #2 (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly Stated Meeting..
Dress: Coat & tie, slacks, socks & dress shoes (like you should be wearing to church)
Gavel falls at 7:30

- Harmony Lodge #22 (2710 Depot Rd Beaufort, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

- Kingstree Lodge #46 (313 East Main Street, Kingstree, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8pm

- Blackville Lodge #63 (10920 Solomon Blatt Avenue Blackville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM.

- Vance Lodge # 230 (1316 Camden Rd, Hwy 310, Vance) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30

- Berkeley Lodge #269 (101 California Ave, Moncks Corner) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00.

- Ridgeville Lodge #361 (119 Academy St, Ridgeville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

- MacArthur Lodge #427 (145 St James Ave, Goose Creek) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30.

(3rd) Tuesday

- Charleston York Rite Bodies (1285 Orange Grove Rd) monthly Stated Meeting at 7:30PM.
Word to the wise: The Blue Lodge is the foundation upon which all of Masonry rests. If you go NPD in the Blue Lodge, you are automatically NPD in the York & Scottish Rite. Just like the blue lodge if you go NPD in the York Rite, you will be dropped from all York Rite bodies including the Knights Masons, AMD, York Rite College, et cetera .

- Egeria Lodge #71 (150 Judge St, Harleyville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00

- Round Lodge #270 (10761 Cottageville Hwy, Cottageville) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00

- Hilda Lodge #426 (51 Railroad Avenue, Hilda SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM

(3rd) Thursday

- Union-Kilwinning Lodge #4 (945 Wapoo Rd, Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting..
In keeping with the lodge's Scottish roots Kilts are encouraged (if you dare!)
Gavel at 7:30PM

- Charity Lodge #62 (6328 Old Hwy 6 Elloree, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30pm.

Indiantown Lodge #165
(102 W George St. Hemingway, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls @730pm

- Hudson Lodge #373 (14385 Sniders Hwy Islandton, SC) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00PM

- Fort Moultrie Lodge #428 (338 Whilden St, Mount Pleasant) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM .

- Azelea Chapter #192 OES (3567 Dorchester Rd East, North Charleston) Monthly Business Meeting
Meeting begins at 7:30PM

(4th) Tuesday

- Allendale Lodge No. 109 (500 Barnwell Hwy, Allendale) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 7:30PM.

- St. Andrews Lodge #367 (945 Wappoo Rd, Charleston) monthly Stated Meeting
Gavel falls at 8:00

(4th) Wednesday

- The Charleston Scottish Rite Bodies (1051 Sam Rittenburg Blvd) Business Meeting.
Knights Commander Court of Honour (KCCH) meets at 6:00PM outside the General Secretary's office.
Knights of St. Andrew monthly meeting at 6:00pm in the auditorium.
Membership in the Knights of St. Andrew is open to all 32° Masons
AASR Business Meeting to follow at 7:30pm.

That's all I know about for now

The deadline for submissions to run in next week's Trestleboard is 9:00AM on Wednesday If you wait until you get next week’s newsletter to remember to send me something happening that weekend or the following Monday or Tuesday, I’m not sending a special for you unless I hosed something up – you snooze, you lose.

PLEASE check and make sure my email address ( is in your email address book – this newsletter is so big and goes to so many people (over 750 directly from me, and well over 1000 with forwards!) that some spam filters mis-identify it as spam. Email addresses that consistently bounce back MailChimp will automatically delete after a few bounces.

WB Andy Albright has published his first book titled "Are You Hiram?". A book for all Masons who seek to understand the very foundations of their Craft. The book is not a "how to be" a Mason, but what does it take to be Mason. Explore some of the deeper philosophies contained in those images found in the Blue Lodge and gain a richer understanding of who you are and who you can be. No secrets of Freemasonry are contained in this book so that non-Masons might find the tools they need to improve themselves and, perhaps, find it in their hearts to join the Ancient Order. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support the four major charities of United States Freemasons: the Masonic Services Association, Scottish Rite Children's Learning Center, York Rite Eye Foundation, and Shriner's Children's Hospitals. All donations will be made to the national level of each charity. Are you prepared to discover if you are Hiram? You can purchase the book from Amazon,, or an ebook for Kindle. If you'd like to purchase a copy directly from WB Andy, you can email your request to

When things open back up, both the Scottish Rite Building and the CCMA Building, in an effort to defray some of the costs of maintaining and insuring those buildings, are available to be used for business meetings, civic club meetings, wedding receptions etc. Our useage rates are competitive with the rates charged by similar venues, we're easy to get to, and we have plenty of parking. If you or someone you know is having a special event of some kind, and need a place to have it, deal with your brothers - call 843-819-5002 for the Scottish Rite or 843-708-5365 for the CCMA, or just send me an email - thlwm2010@gmail.

As soon as you receive a Petition from a Man for the Degrees in Masonry, it is essential that you enter his information int the Grand Lodge Membership Management System "Grandview". immediately The system will compare the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth of the candidate's information with the thousands of records in the system and if the information matches another man in the system, the system will automatically place the entry into a pending mode. If you make an entry and receive a Pending Mode notice, please contact the Grand Lodge Office immediately. The Pending Mode means that a record already exists for that man. This is especially important if a man fails to indicate on his petition about having previously petitioned another Lodge. Today, it came to my attention that a Secretary entered a Candidate's information after he was made an Entered Apprentice and the system kicked his record out as Pending. After investigating, it was found that the Candidate had petitioned another Lodge a couple of years earlier and had not indicated on his petition that he had previously petitioned another Lodge. Please take the important precautionary step of entering every Candidate's petition information into the System upon receipt..
Fraternally, Jerry Carver, PGM, Grand Secretary

This newsletter is produced by a Mason with the help of other Masons to promote Masonic cooperation and visitation for the benefit of Masons and Masonry in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. While publication of this newsletter has the approval of the Most Worshipful Grand Master and the MW Grand Lodge of South Carolina, it is not to be construed that anything found in this newsletter is coming from or overseen by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina or any other Masonic body unless specifically stated to be so. Ultimate responsibility for content/opinions expressed lies with the editor alone.

"It's amazing how much good you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." - MWB Harry S. Truman - US President, PGM of Missouri.

Respectfully and Fraternally

Tom Lewis, Jr PM 32° KT KY KRC PEC
WM Mariner Lodge #2
EC JW Frampton Jr Council #85 Knight Masons

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